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About Our Business

BEC is a nuts and bolts business and beyond.  Get an opinion or have the
entire job done! What we do for you is up to you.

Primary consultant and President of Broadcast Engineering Construction,
John D. Weigand will personally oversee all your needs.  You will get no

BEC began
over  25 years ago, with the Broadcast Installation of a facility in
China.  John D. Weigand has built, designed and installed news facilities,
transmitter facilities, and radio transmitter and studio facilities, using and
training existing crews and on or under budget. And he can do the same for
About John D. Weigand

Profile _____________________________________________________________________________
Motivated, personable business professional with BA degree in Industrial Technology, and a successful track record of installation and design
without systems integrators, saving broadcast stations for whom I have worked millions of dollars, producing on time results, on or under budgets.
First in Tribune Corporation and in San Diego, CA area (repeatedly) to install new state of the art equipment and technologies. Installed studios
and transmitters for KCOY-TV, KFMB-TV AM & FM Stations, and KSWB-TV, upgraded UCLA to color studios, built production and news studios
from ground up, and built KSWB-TV high def. news and studios in under 120 days when converting to FOX station (to meet news requirement).
Diplomatic, humble and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels, accepts resposinbility, loyal, hard working . Accustomed to
handling sensitive, confidential records. Demonstrated history of producing accurate, timely reports meeting stringent budget constraints.
Designed and built an audio production facility in Changchung, China. .Designed AV system at the Copely Library, and evaluated FM Radio
Station in Colorado for potential buyers, and more!