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Jamul, California,
JULY 25, 2012


Veteran broadcaster John D. Weigand is now President of Broadcast Engineering
Construction, BEC.  John was instrumental in the San Diego local broadcasting
community  after having rebuilt and installed studios at both UCLA and KCOY-
TV, Santa Maria, California where he also installed a new broadcast transmitter.  
In San Diego, John designed and moved the KFMB-TV studios from downtown to
Kearny Mesa, and moved and installed the AM- FM Broadcast transmitters,
overseeing construction of a new transmitter building in Santee.  He also designed
and built an up-to the date new news wing building and studios at KFMB-TV when
the news department there wanted to expand, and designed and built a separate
production studio for outside commercial production in addition to the existing
studios he had already designed and built.  At KSWB-TV John did much of the
same.  He moved the then KTTY-TV studios from South Bay to the Kearny Mesa
location where they now stand as KSWB-TV, designed the entire plant, rebuilt and
then installed new transmitters and antennas on Mt. Miguel, and after news was
cancelled and dismantled, he rebuilt the news studios again in high definition
when KSWB-TV became Fox 5 (in a record 120 days!)  His design was and is used
as a blueprint for the Tribune Company Stations.  John was also the first Tribune
Group station to switch to HDTV on time and on the originally scheduled FCC
deadline date, on budget and before schedule!  John has also authored several
articles for Broadcast Engineering Magazine over the years and has a chapter in
the 9th Edition NAB Engineering Handbook.  Jo
n was also the NFL frequency
coordinator for the
NFL/San Diego Chargers for 10 years  and the San Diego
frequency coordinator for
25 years.

“Design and building is a big part of my life,” says John Weigand.  “It’s fun for
me.  If a job can’t be fun, then why do it?”

John has saved the companies for which he has worked hundreds of thousands of
dollars by never requiring a systems integrator.  He has even designed and built
and rebuilt remote ENG trucks for use in the field, and he has always been a
hands on guy from start to finish, never complaining about the long hours,
working right beside his crew.

“John likes a challenge,” says his wife, attorney Penny D. Weigand, “and when he
is designing and building something, he is happy.”

“It’s all about cost effectiveness,” adds John Weigand. “I like to do the best for
the companies for which I work.”

John is also a photographer for his wife’s publishing company, Bellissima
Publishing, LLC, and has photographed and has had published several travel
books for kids and books about endangered species and other subjects that you
can see at,  that are Ingram listed and can be
ordered everywhere from to your local bookstore.  (You might recall
a photograph John took of the KSWB-TV transmitters when they were threatened
by wildfires in October 2007 that found itself on the cover of Television Week.)

If you want to see his books, go to  or type his
name at the prompt at His articles are available in the
Broadcast Engineering Magazine Archives.
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