Services We Provide

You can enlist our services and get a written proposal on your project(s)  by
contacting BEC on our contact page or by calling John Weigand directly at

Our company offers full service broadcast installation and design the ground
up and John D. Weigand will personally work with your crew and train them in
all and at all levels  of the most up-to-date technology in the field of
broadcasting. John D. Weigand has a reputation for always being the first
when it comes to broadcast technology and this is supported by the numerous
articles he has been asked to write for Broadcast Engineering Magazine, and
he also authored his own chapter in the National Association of Broadcasters
9th Edition Engineering Handbook!

For more specifics, just give us a call! Project management is BEC's
specialty, and we can do your whole project, part of your project or advise
you and how best to proceed with whatever it is you want and need to do.
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Advice
  • Project